5 Tips on How to Create an Intro Video for Your YouTube Channel

In this article, we’ll discuss some easy to implement tips to create intro for your YouTube channel without any trouble.

YouTube is the largest video search engine in the world. As of today, most businesses have YouTube videos as a part of their digital strategies. If you are one such brand, you must invest your efforts in finding the right intro maker tool for the video. A poignant and relevant video attracts the viewer and has them hooked to the content.

While there are several approaches to intro making, you must remember that the purpose of your intro is to get the viewer hooked to your YouTube video. Proactive measures to create attractive and engaging videos will pay off and give you a better ROI on your content.

Now that you know about the role of intros, the next step is creating poignant intros for your video. Sadly, this is easier said than done. These days, people upload hundreds of hours of digital content to YouTube every day. Unless you walk the extra mile, there are chances that your audience would have already seen the intro that you are creating. Here are some tips that will help you optimize your intro and ensure that it captures attention.

How to Create Intro for Your YouTube Channel

1. Plan Your Intro

The type of intro that you will create will depend on the theme of the video, the item that you are trying to promote, your brand image, and several other features. Ideally, an intro should have three parts.

  • In the first part, the intro addresses the issue or challenge faced by the customer.
  • After identifying the problem, the intro should assure the viewer that watching the video will offer a solution.
  • The intro should have a CTA guiding the viewer into watching the video.

If your video is on a serious subject, you can open with an attractive quote from a popular personality. If the celebrity is someone who resonates with your target group, it will encourage the viewers to stay tuned to your video. For example, tech brands will benefit from an intro that has a quote by Elon Musk.

Alternatively, your intros can have metaphors, relevant analogies, anecdotes, memes, or any other form of content. Spend time in understanding the taste of your audience and altering your intro content around that.

2. Ask a Question in Your Intro

When an intro has an open-ended question, it gets the viewer to think about the content. A well-framed question tickles the grey cells, and people try to figure out what is being asked. As the viewer is engaged in the question, they stay tuned to the video.

If you have valuable content in the video, the viewer will stay tuned. While adding a question is an effective way of decreasing the rate of drop-off, pay due attention to your choice of question. For example, asking a question that is too obvious will be an insult to your audience’s intelligence and may not be received well. Similarly, an over-complicated question or one that is framed inappropriately will leave the audience confused and disinterested.

3. Leverage Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The average YouTube viewer is on a constant lookout for quality content in a genre of their choice. However, most of them are busy and do not have the patience to sit through long and dull videos. To ensure that your video reaches the interested target audience, you need to make it short and crisp.

Start by optimizing the length of your intro and restricting that to a maximum of 5 seconds. Plan the intro in such a way that you give the viewers a clear idea of the knowledge to expect from the video. The intro should put your point across to the viewer and tell them why they must watch your video instead of the ones by your competitors.

If you are unsure of the content to add in your intro, sit back and identify the USP of your video. You can front-load the best parts of the video or look for other innovative ways of creating the intro.

4. Do Not Shy Away from Controversy

As a content creator, you cannot afford to shy away from addressing controversial topics in the intro. It is a general human tendency to enjoy controversy, and if you can bring such topics to the table, viewers will be tempted to watch the content. Topics like body weight, politics, money, and religion are highly controversial and known to attract the audience.

However, tread carefully while addressing controversial topics. Keep the intro generic so that you do not hurt the sentiments of any individual or community. Also, be loyal to the content and ensure that any controversial topic that you suggest in the intro is present in the video. Attempting to deceive the audience by having controversial topics in the intro (and not in the video) will get you negative publicity. This may even cause subscribers to unfollow your channel.

5. Use an Appropriate Tool

Merely having a mental image of the type of intro that you wish to create will not suffice. As a content creator, you need to use an appropriate intro-making tool to come up with attention-grabbing intros.

Try to use a tool that will allow you to incorporate your brand colors, logo, and tagline in the intros that you create. It is a good practice to create similar intros for all the videos in a playlist or brand channel. With a tool like InVideo, you can choose an instrumental song as the theme music for all your intro videos.

Wrapping Up: Create Intro For Your YouTube Channel

Consistency is the key to creating powerful YouTube intros. Try to pay special attention to the color correction, tempo of the music, and overall theme of the intro and see that it is in alignment with the rest of the video.

If you follow the five tips discussed above, you can create intro for YouTube channel that will resonate with your brand image. Over time, this will establish brand familiarity and help you get viral on YouTube. With viral videos, potential customers will be more likely to subscribe to your channel, and this will put you on the path of accelerated growth.


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