What made you decide to be an Angel investor?

I worked for an apparel company and realized later that I was much happier learning about new technology than mass producing women’s apparel. I was fortunate to have made money in the stock market so I left my job to see if I could help shape a better world by investing in some of the companies of tomorrow.

What do you look for in a startup as you evaluate it for a potential investment?

I tend to only request one page executive summaries, but I also enjoy flipping through business plans along with any other pertinent information. If everything’s aesthetically pleasing and the numbers make sense then I’ll request a meeting. I like to familiarize myself with the management team to get a sense of their dynamic, vision, values, personalities, etc. Management is key.

How does someone get you excited and willing to commit?

Aesthetically pleasing one page executive summary, vision for the future, and a highly motivated and intelligent founder.

Looking back, what did you learn and what would you have done differently?

There’s very little I’d change since everything’s worked out well so far. That said, to a younger me & any new investor I’d say, “Take your time to find the right investment that coincides with your values and, most importantly, excites you. There’s no rush. There will always be new opportunities.”

What are the red flags for an angel investor?

Unfamiliar with the industry, services, or products and inability to execute quickly.

Besides providing capital, What additional support do you offer as an Angel investor?

I connect the company with anyone I know that works in a similar space or could help bring them new business opportunities. Besides that, I try to keep a hands-off approach since I’ve seen a couple of companies flounder due to founders trying to cater to their investors’ whims.

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