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Devathon delivers great products. We can design, develop and scale products for web and mobile. We work with funded startups, growing businesses and serious entrepreneurs. We have also worked with enterprise clients on building modern offerings.
Product Strategy
We work with you to determine feature priorities and technology decisions at every stage.
Beautiful design
We breathe life into your vision through beautiful and thoughtful designs.
Quality Development
We build across domains using modern tech stacks, leverage open source, and SaaS components, while continuously testing the entire time.
Scale Safe
We can be with you as you scale and provide suggestions and solutions that support your growth.
How is Devathon different?
Why us
We promise a high quality, fast-paced and transparent experience.
Right Technology Stacks
There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to technology stacks. What makes sense for Facebook doesn't necessarily have to make sense for your startup as well. While shaving off those extra few milliseconds may make sense for them, it may be prudent for you to let it be if it means getting to market sooner.
Lean Processes
While cowboy coding is certainly harmful, burdening the team with too many processes is also counter-productive. We follow time-tested lean development processes to ensure that work remains organized and team's pace is also not hampered.
Build vs. Buy
We aggressively use open source libraries and SaaS services for any components of the product that are generic in nature. It helps keep the product lean and ensures a faster time to market with higher quality.
Must Have vs. Good to Have
New products require ruthless prioritization. There is no point building a feature that no one is going to pay for. Early traction comes from a laser-sharp focus on what's important. Once there is traction, you can invest further into the product to build well to have stuff.
New Product Development
We specialize in new product development. While on the surface, it may appear that any software development is same as new product development, there are differences that can make or break your startup. While developing a new product, the development team needs to lean towards finding the fastest and most cost-effective path to market.
Evolving Requirements
Irrespective of how sure one is of product requirements on day one, a product always evolves. That's the nature of it. Rather than fighting it, we accept it as a fact and model our development keeping this in mind. The technology stacks we use are most agile and we design software in the most generic manner possible.
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We can build anything an entrepreneur or team dreams up.
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Meet the Team
We have more than 30 quality designers and engineers that make Devathon possible.
Tarun Jain
Founder / Product
Sunil Ranta
Founder / Technology
Sachin Gupta
Partner / Technology
Neha Singh
Partner / Design
Mohan Gadikota
Manager / Engineering
Vijay H
Manager / Marketing
Get to Know Us
What is Devathon ?
Devathon is a design and development agency focused on the early stage entrepreneur or startup. We work directly with teams to help design, build, and scale their products or digital services. Our team can build anything from a customized retail e-commerce solution, mobile messaging application to a SaaS enterprise tool. Our motto is: if you can dream it, we can build it.
Why is Devathon the best ?
Devathon is the best for three core reasons: quality, price and outstanding communication. Our team has the best engineering talent which is recruited from IIT and IIIT in India. You can feel confident that you will pass any type of code review. Our prices are the most affordable in the business ranging from $25-$35 per hour. Lastly, our team prides itself on mastering cross-border communication. We leverage a variety of product management tools, hold weekly meetings, and are available on demand.
How much does Devathon cost ?
This depends on the scope and timeline of the project. Roughly we charge a blended rate of $25-$35 per hour of engineering time. The cost of an engineer in the U.S. is anywhere between $80-$150 per hour.
How long will my project take ?
Depends on the scope of the project. Reach out to us and we can give you a rough estimate within 24 hours.
How do we get the conversation started ?
Glad you asked. Look below...
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