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Payment GatewaySampathSeylanCommercialHNBPayHereWEBXPAY2CheckoutBitPayGeniemCash
Setup Fee (LKR)15,00020,00075,00015,000-25,000None15,000Nonenonenonenone
Recurring fee (LKR/annum)75,00030,00090,00060,000-108,00039/transaction (basic) | 35,880 (plus) | 119,880 (premium)21,600 - 47,880None (pay as you go model)nonenonenone
Commission per transaction3% - 5%4%4%4%3.9%, 2.99% or 2.9%2.5% - 3% upwards3.5% + $0.35 | 4.5% + $0.45 | 6.0% + $0.601%1.50%1%
Payment methods acceptedAll local and international Master or Visa Credit & Debit CardsMaster, Visa and other cardsall major credit and debit debit, credit, Visa and MasterCardVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Genie, Frimi, eZcash, mCash, Sampath VishwaVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eZcash, mCash, Virtual Wallet, Sampath VishwaAlmost all credit and debit cards, internet bankingall major credit and debit cards.Any VISA/ Mastercard -Credit/ Debit Card, Savings/Current Account, Mobile MoneyAll major cards, internet banking, mobile sms, wallet
Fraud & Risk managementYesYesAdvancedYesYesYesYesYesYesAverage
International currencies acceptedUSD, LKR, EUR, etc.multi-currency transactionsmulti-currency transactionsLKR, USD, EUR, GBPLKR, USD, GBP, EUR, AUDAll Major CurrenciesOver 200 currencies12 Currencies, Cryptocurrency12 currenciesLKR, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, INR
Set up typeOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnline
Onboarding & Approvals time1-2 week4-5 days1 weekLess than 1 week1 week2-4 days2 days1-2 days1 week3 days
Recurring BillingYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNo
Charges on Refunds----No extra charges150 per transactionNo extra chargesMinorMinorNo Extra charges
SDK StacksPHP4 / PHP5 , ASP / ASP. Net , JSP , JAVAJava,, PhpJavascript, Mobile for Android and IoSPhpJava, Ruby, .net, C#, PythonJava, PhP, Node.js,, Ruby, Python, C Sharp, Java, PhpC#, Python, Php, Java
Settlement timeLess than 2 days1 day2 days1day2 days1 Day1 Day2 daysLess than 2 days2 days
Payouts supportNoNoNoNoYesYesYesNonoNo
Split paymentsNoNoNoNoYesYesYesonly for CryptocurrencynoNo